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Handcrafted Mudguard Set for mountain bike (MTB,bicycle) .They are suitable for almost all MTB bicycle models with 24", 26", 27.5 ", 29". Оne set consists of front and rear fender with the necessary mounting kit with different mounting holes diameters and different diameter of the mounting pipes, assembly instructions and packaging.

Fender set: DHK RAPTOR
DHK RAPTOR fenders provide protection even on rough terrain. Specially developed for mountain biking, they are easy to fit and fit perfectly, thanks to their incredible design.
• Material - HDPE and PA6-GF30
• Suitable for mountain bikes.
• The high quality of the materials used provides flexibility and strength.
• Front attachment for adjustable forks from 20 to 33.7 mm.
• Rear fastening - for the seat post or tube under the seat post, adjustment from 25 to 32 mm
• For 24 ", 26", 27.5 ", 29"
• Width of the mudguard - from 72 to 93 mm
• Front Fender weight - 138g.
• Rear Fender weight - 143g.
• Real photos
• Produced in the EU.
• Choose Your Color:
 - Yellow with carbon black; 
 - Green with Carbon Black
 - Black with carbon black 

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