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MTB Fender Set

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Mudguard set (FRONT AND REAR) New

Mudguard set: DHK RAPTOR

DHK RAPTOR fenders provide protection even on rough terrain. Specially designed for mountain bikes, they are easy to fit and fit perfectly. The design is inspired mainly by the cross motors, which we elegantly combine with accents of smooth transition shapes. Thanks to their incredible design, they give mountain bikes a great sporty look. The front fender has two fitting options. It can be mounted either through an expanding plug into your steerer tube and  It’ll cope with all sizes of steerer and this means it will also work with a Cannondale Lefty or any other upside down fork that has an exposed lower steerer tube, thus standing a little higher or can be mounted on your fork’s arch, thus sitting close to the tire. For the second installation, you can use the fasteners from the mounting kit in the steering tube.


  • Material - HDPE, PA6-GF30 - (All materials used have a European Certificate of Origin)
  • Suitable for mountain bikes.
  • The high quality of the materials used provides flexibility and strength.
  • Front fixing - in the steering tube with adjustment capability from 20 to 33.7 mm.
  • Front fixing (2) – by fastening elements on your fork’s arch
  • Rear fastening - for the seat post or tube under the seat post, adjustment from 25 to 32 mm
  • For Caps 24 "to 29"
  • Width of the mudguard - from 72 to 93 mm
  • Front fender weight - 138g
  • Rear fender weight - 143g

For more information, write to: manager@dhkraptor.com